Duracell PowerSource Quiet Gasless Portable Power and Solar Generator, 1440w Output Inverter (1800w Peak)


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Product Description

Gasless GeneratorGasless Generator

Duracell’s PowerSource 660 delivers power you can depend on anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re hunkered down during an emergency or enjoying the great outdoors, you can rely on the Duracell PowerSource 660 to deliver clean and quiet power without the noise, gas or fumes of a traditional gas-powered generator.

With 660 Watt-hours of battery capacity the PowerSource has plenty of power to keep your devices powered up and can even be daisy chained with an external battery for increased capacity. The quiet, battery operated PowerSource is a better alternative to gas generators and can be used indoors during extreme weather. The PowerSource is ideal for critical devices that require uninterrupted power because it can instantly transition from AC wall power to its internal battery power in the event of a power outage.

The PowerSource features 4 AC outlets, 2 USB ports and a 12V DC port for vehicle accessories. With 1800 Watts of peakoutput power (1440 Watts continuous) you can run major household appliances like refrigerators or TVs with no problem. The integrated solar controller is compatible with most solar panels and uses the standard Anderson connector. You can even connect the PowerSource to your vehicle via the daisy chain terminals to use the vehicles’ alternator for recharging when solar or AC power is not available.

The digital LCD display allows you to conveniently monitor the status of the PowerSource at a glance. The “Input” section indicates weather the unit is recharging from AC or solar power. The “Output” section indicates the amount of power that is being drawn from the unit in Watts. The “Level” section reports information about the unit’s remaining battery capacity as well as battery voltage.

You can’t always know when you’ll be left without power, but you can prepare for it with the PowerSource 660 from Duracell.

Natural DisasterNatural Disaster

Ideal For

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness



UPS fridge

UPS fridge

Emergency Preparedness

Disaster can strike at anytime. Make sure you have power you can count on every time with safe, reliable power from Duracell.


From inflating your air mattress to recharging your laptop, the PowerSource 660 can safely power your favorite devices from inside or outside the tent. Camping will never be the same again.

Instant On – Uniterupted Power

Ideal for critical devices during a power outage because the PowerSource can instantly transition from AC power to its internal battery, ensuring that your connected devices never skip a beat.

Duracell 660Duracell 660

Run TimesRun Times

Gasless Generator Power SourceGasless Generator Power Source

PowerSource 660

Gasless Battery Power

Quiet, clean and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The PowerSource 660 makes gas, spark plugs, oil, maintenance and fumes a thing of the past.

Solar Ready

Solar ready with integrated solar controller and industry standard Anderson connector for 10Hr recharging (Based on 100W solar panel and good sunlight)

Instant On – Uninterrupted Power

If you have equipment that you want to keep on simply plug it into the PowerSource and keep the PowerSource plugged into the wall. When the power goes off the PowerSource will instantly transfer from the AC wall power to it’s internal battery power keeping your devices up and running without skipping a beet.


660 watt-hour battery capacity ( 12V, 55Ah)

4 AC outlets for powering household items, 2 USB ports for on the go power, 1 12V DC outlet

2 USB Ports

12V DC Power Outlet

LCD Power Management Display

Instant-on UPS feature: provides instant backup power when your regular power source fails.

Daisy Chain Additional Batteries

Integrated Carrying Handles

(4) AC outlets for powering household items, (2) USB ports for on the go power, (1) 12V DC outlet
Instant on UPS feature for uninterrupted power
Daisy Chaining: Threaded terminals for secure connection to additional batteries
Built-in solar controller with Anderson connector for 10Hr recharging
Built-in solar controller with Anderson connector for 10Hr recharging

Duracell PowerSource Quiet Gasless Portable Power and Solar Generator, 1440w Output Inverter (1800w Peak)


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