ExpertPower S400 Lithium Portable Power Station,386Wh Solar Generator with 400W AC Inverter (800W Peak), USB, 12V DC Output, 110V AC Outlet and LED Flashlight for Emergency, Camping and Power Supply


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Product Description

S400 + 110W Panel logoS400 + 110W Panel logo

The S400 Portable Solar Generator provides clean AC power to your electronics with 400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter to your devices without gas, noise and fumes. It can simultaneously support many devices like CPAP, laptops. TV, mini-fridge, small fan, etc. with its 3*AC Output, 2*DC Outputs, 2*USB and a 12V DC Car Socket. Meanwhile, the build-in LED Screen will give you a quick glance of battery capacity, Input or Output Power of charging and discharging. Besides traditional wall-charging, this power station also can be recharged by solar power or 12-Volt car charging, prepared for road trips or any other emergency situations. With unparalleled safety, this portable power station has multiple protection to let you use no worried.

Charging Method Charging Method

3 Easy Charging Methods:

Wall Charging: 6-7 hours

Connect the DC adapter with power cord and plug into Wall Socket, the other end into the DC Charging port.

Please charge the unit with Original Adapter.

Car Charging: 6-7 hours

After the car engine on, connect the cigarette lighter with the car sock and DC Charging port.

Please do not use the car charger when the car is not running.

Solar Charging:

It has pre-installed PWM Solar charge controller. Easily connect the solar panel by MC4 Solar Cable.

Please Be Sure TUTN OFF the AC/DC Button during the charging period.

Specs for Model S400:

Input Power: 110V /60Hz

AC Output: 400W Continuous, 800W Peak

2 x DC Outputs: 9-12.6V/8A (15A Max)

2 x USB Ports: 5V/2A Max

1 x Cigarette Socket: 9-12.6V/8A (15A Max)

Battery Capacity: 10.8V/35.7Ah

S400 Solar Generator Highlights:

LED Screen

LED Screen

super light weight

super light weight

LED Lights

LED Lights

Informative LCD Screen

By just a quick glance, the LED Screen will shows the power situation intuitively. Easily tell battery capacity by 5 bars with percentage, it also shows Input/Output wattage and charging/discharging time when plug-in.

Light-Weight, Strong Power

S400 power station only weights 9.7lbs. Can just easily grab and go. The foams on handle will improve friction and reduce hand abrasion. With this light-weight, it still can continuously provide 400W power to many kinds of devices.

There are 3* 1W powerful LED Lights build-in, which can continuously light up to 128 hours. This will be a great help for outdoor support or emergency SOS signal.

Running timeRunning time

Run-times of S400 Solar Generator

When charging devices with our Power Station, take note of the power consumption of your device. For high powered devices and applications, the battery will run more quickly.

1. Determine the amount of power your device requires.

2. Check the capacity for the individual output ports. For example, the AC port is powered by an Inverter that allows for 400W of power.

3. Check the surge rating of your device is below 800W to present any damage to the battery cells.

Some examples for power capacity:

Smart Phone (8-10Wh): 43 + Times

CPAP Machine (15W): 18-20 Hours

Car Refrigerator (50-65Wh): 5- 6 hours


S400 Package Includes:

· 1 x S400 Portable Power Station

· 1 x Car Charger

· 1 x Solar Charging Cable

· 1 x AC Charging Cable (Wall Adapter)

· 1 x User Manual


1. How to calculate the run-time when using the S400?

We take account of 5% energy lost when supplying power to all the DC devices (5V or 12V), but take 15% when calculating the run-time of the AC devices (110V) onto the S400.

For example, a 40-watt AC device can last for:

386Wh*0.85/40= 8.2 hrs

2. How do I calculate the solar charging time?

By theoretical:

Device Watt Hours/75% of Solar Panel Watts (on a good sunny day) = Solar Recharge Time

The higher Input power = Less charging time.

It may vary depends on weather or temperature situation. To extend the life of the product, it is best to charge it once in 3 months after idle for a period of time.

Highest Capacity Lithium Power Station: The 386Wh (10.8V, 35.7Ah) lithium power generator just weights 9.7 lbs, with size: 8.1*5.8*10.5 Inch, which makes it the most powerful and portable of its kind, which is strong enough to charge smartphones, tablets, laptop,
Easy Charging method: 1) The generator can be easily recharged by any compatible Solar panel around 100W (18V, 6A) (Sold Separately) 2) It can be fully charged in 6-7 hours by plugged into wall outlet. 3) This power supply also can be fully charged in 6-7 hours by
Pure Sine Wave Inverter: S400 is equipped with pure sine wave inverter. The even, arching waves provides safety to your device with the same clean energy you would receive from a house outlet. These clean outputs are able to power most sensitive device and provide gas-free supply without noise and fumes.
Plug-and Play Function: This generator is capable of powering 8+ devices simultaneously with clean energy and the DC Outputs are equipped with smart sensing technology which provides power to your device automatically without pressing the power button.
Safety Guarantee: The S400 portable generator has intelligent Over-voltage, low-voltage, over-temperature, overload and AC Short circuit protection that can prevent over-heat, over charging or short circuit. Meanwhile, the battery pack comply with FCC and CE

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ExpertPower S400 Lithium Portable Power Station,386Wh Solar Generator with 400W AC Inverter (800W Peak), USB, 12V DC Output, 110V AC Outlet and LED Flashlight for Emergency, Camping and Power Supply


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