Shebaking Meat Tenderizer Tool with Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Needle Blades Sauce Injector Syringe, Injector Marinade for Steak Turkey Chicken Meat Tenderizer Machine Flavor Enhancer Kitchen Tool


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Product Description

Shebaking Meat Tenderizer ToolShebaking Meat Tenderizer Tool


Needle TenderizerNeedle Tenderizer

About us: It’s the flavor of meat~Mindfully constructed with 30 razor-sharp blades. Our premium quality meat tenderizer tool excels with the innovative style you want, and the durability you need. Our goal is to let you get the flavorful, juicy meats without the premium cost. Meat tenderizer tool will provide that your meat will be packed with flavor and sauces that will be flowing from within. If you want a deeper level of flavor, you may benefit from our meat tenderizer. Ty, Shebaking

Beef TednderizingBeef Tednderizing


How To Clean

Pull out the plunger first and then pour clean warm water with detergent into the tube and press the water eject from the needle.Repeat this action several times,the last several times use the clean water without detergent.Use a clean towel to dry the water after cleaning and store it in a cool dry place kids can’t access.

Ham TenderizingHam Tenderizing


More Details

Material: 304-grade Stainless Steel + ABS

Dimensions: 8.86*3.27*2.68 inches (22.5*8.3*6.8 cm)

Package: 1PC 2-in-1 Meat Tenderizer Injector and 1 Instructions(with box)

Needle Quantity: 27 Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Needles and 3 Injection Needles

Lamb TenderizingLamb Tenderizing



* Please place the meat on the cutting board to prevent injuring the needles.

* It will come with a little oil in the tube,but please don’t worry,it doesn’t mean the item is used.The oil are used to protect the item from abrasion. It’s 100% EDIBLE and SAFE. Please wash the tube of the tool with hot water before use, and keep it clean for the next use.

* If you will not be using the meat injector for a long time(more than 2 weeks), please coating the o-rings lightly with vegetable oil or food-safe mineral oil before storage.

Chicken TenderizingChicken Tenderizing


We take full responsibility for the quality of our products.

Beef TednderizingBeef Tednderizing

Ham TenderizingHam Tenderizing

Lamb TenderizingLamb Tenderizing

Chicken TenderizingChicken Tenderizing

marinade meat injectormarinade meat injector

Meat Tenderizing – 27 stainless steel ultra sharp needle blades and 3 stainless steel needle-like applicators. Injectors break the structure of the meat with ease, giving it a tender taste.
Higher Cooking Efficiency – Enjoy deeper and quicker penetration of marinades up to 40% reduced cooking time!
Versatile tool: including beef, fish, steak, chicken, veal, pork, round roast, chicken breast, pork loin and more


Ultra Sharp Needle BladesUltra Sharp Needle Blades

Injecting your meat is a relatively simple task, it may be helpful to consider moving away from herbs and spices that tend to hide the natural flavor of your meat and instead opt for salt solutions and broths.
Try to avoid ground spices because they might clog the meat tenderizer.Before you use your meat tenderizer, consider lubricating your silicone or rubber gasket with a little vegetable oil with each repeated use.
To use an injector, fully depress the plunger and insert the needle in the injector sauce. Pull the plunger back to fill the syringe with liquid. Plunge the needle deep in the meat, then depress the plunger slowly and steadily. (A quick plunge may send streams of injector sauce squirting in the opposite direction. Withdraw the needle gradually.

meat tenderizer toolmeat tenderizer tool

Dual Functions – Meat tenderization & flavor enhancement at the same time!

Easy Flavor Enhancing – Built-in Plunger releases marinade into meat via 3 needle-like applicators.

It allows quick saturation of the interior of food with flavor-enhancing ingredients.

meat tenderizermeat tenderizer


We want to make sure that every penny you pay for this meat tenderizer is worth the investment or even beyond your expectations. Meat tenderizer is pretty easy to use, with it, you no longer have to deal with waiting hours for your meat to marinate and your fridge can have some breathing room.

Safe & Healthy – All of the Meat Marinade Injectors are made of 100% food-safe 304-grade stainless steel and food-grade ABS, say no to harmful chemicals. The Meat Tenderizer Tool is easy to use and control because it is an ergonomic design with a comfortable, non-slip handle,and the Meat Injector is dishwasher safe.
Efficient Cooking – Good concept and ingenious meat tenderizer gadget allow you to Tenderize and flavorize meat at the same time for fast and flavorful results, reduce cooking time up to 40%. high-quality stainless-steel needle blades on the meat tenderizer create channels in your favorite cut of meat while the 3 flavor needles inject marinade and provide a deeper level of flavor.
Sturdy & Durable – a sturdy marinade injector plunger offers improved pressure control. Rotating the Sauces Enhancer Injector layer, “I” towards “X” marks that locks the blade for safety, “I” towards“●” indicates the whole depth, and “I” towards “half ●” is a half depth of the needle. 2 depth settings for different thicknesses of meat. If it’s used carefully and maintained well, you can cook delicious food for years.
Multi-use – The Food/Sauces Injector is perfect for almost any meats, such as beef, lamb chops, pork loin, chicken breast, turkey, fish, sauce enhancer, and so on. The meat tenderizer needle blades can break down the connective tissue of the meat, making the meat tender and easy to eat. A great tool for home kitchen and outdoor barbecue party.
Satisfaction Guarantee – We are committed to providing you with the highest quality and full customer satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied with our professional meat injector, contact us and we’ll personally work with you until you’re 100% happy.

Shebaking Meat Tenderizer Tool with Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Needle Blades Sauce Injector Syringe, Injector Marinade for Steak Turkey Chicken Meat Tenderizer Machine Flavor Enhancer Kitchen Tool


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